CRITICAL THINKING: Basically, information filtering. It is critical to sound decision-making. It’s the process of separating truth from untruth, fact from fictions and reason from passion. To judge based on reason and intellect. Using critical thinking decreases chances of being deceived or manipulated. Use it to watch TV, facebook, internet, peer conversations, social organizations. – Anonymous

MORAL REASONING: the process of determining right or wrong in a given situation. Lowest level of moral reasoning is choice based on avoiding punishment. Second level of moral reasoning is a person believes the law is the judge of morality (not quite complete, actions could be immoral but not illegal). The highest level of moral reasoning is choice based on social contract, expectations or unspoken agreement to behave in a certain way (ethics). – Anonymous

VALUES: Those things that are always important and the framework upon which we base our final actions. Values help us choose what we will do. “What do I value?” – Anonymous

MORAL COURAGE: After determining what is right, possessing the will to carry out your decision, even at great personal risk. – Anonymous

INTEGRITY: To discern (D) what is right, to act (A) in accordance with what you have discerned and to profess (P) your action to all (DAP). – Anonymous and Stephen L. Carter’s “Integrity”

DILEMMA: When one has to make a decision between two options that will generate a good, but in so selecting there will be almost no chance of avoiding pain / suffering / inconvenience / loss by not selecting the other option. – Anonymous

ETHICS: “What I ought to do,” mainly according to the well-established expectations of the associated community (code of ethics from your organizations/community). Ethics is Obedience to the unenforceable. – Anonymous

LAW: What I must do. Law has the positive force of the community to compel you to do that which you would otherwise chose not to do (paying taxes, going to school) and to prevent you from doing those thing that you may elect to do (speeding, rollerblading on the Interstate, Making right-hand turns from the left turn lane, streaking, etc). – Anonymous

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